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Extend The Season & Grow Your Roofing Business All Year Long

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It's not uncommon for roofers to take off during the winter months. In areas with heavy snowfall, a complete re-roof is almost impossible when you must rely on heat and seal strips to bond panels together.

We understand that your biggest concern as a contractor is the weather and not just when you’re installing a roof, but also the water-tightness after installation. Our stone coated steel panels offer solutions to both problems allowing you to roof all year long, in any condition.

Tilcor Stone Coated Steel Install Advantages

  • Tilcor roofs are installed as panels, not individual tiles, which speeds up the install process
  • Panels are not reliant on seal strips to bond panels together
  • Panels are installed in a simple cut, nail or screw interlock system which requires less skilled labor
  • Our no bend accessories make install faster and safer
  • Tilcor stone coated steel roof systems can be installed in any weather condition

All these benefits lead to higher-paying jobs without the need for extra crews. With the ability to install roofs all year long, Tilcor contractors get the bonus of being able to grow their business all year long. 

Watch this short video to see how the install process works.



Tilcor Roofing Systems Are Truly Watertight

Stone-coated steel roofs are watertight without the reliance on underlayment. With our groundbreaking concealed fastening installation method protects all fastening elements making roofs more reliable, waterproof, and durable than ever before.

Most homeowners don’t realize that asphalt and concrete roofing systems aren’t watertight - they rely on the underlay to keep water from soaking through to the deck. This leaves the house at risk, as over time, the underlayment will break down if it is exposed to water.


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