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Is The Skilled Labor Shortage Affecting Your Roofing Company?

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A recent study conducted by Associated General Contractors of America reported that 80% of construction companies are facing a severe skilled labor shortage. Can you relate?

Labor shortages are a real problem, especially for contractors wanting to grow and expand their business. After all, it doesn't matter how many potential deals you close – if you can't get the job installed, you can't increase revenue. Many are finding new ways to increase efficiency and productivity including the use of specialized technology, increasing pay, and recruiting young workers.

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In addition, 44% of contractors report increasing prices, and 29% are including longer completion times in their bids because of the worker shortage. But when the competition is fierce, can you risk losing jobs altogether if your services are priced too high?

What Else Can Roofers Do To Offset Skilled Labor Shortage?

Choose a product line that is easy and efficient to install and does not require specialized training.

Tilcor stone coated steel is one roofing product line that meets all three criteria.

Tilcor panels are the fastest and easiest stone coated steel product on the market. Tilcor revolutionizes traditional installation methods with profiles installed as panels, as opposed to individual panels. 

Watch this short video to learn how you can get more jobs done with the same labor force.

One more huge advantage of Tilcor’s stone coated steel tiles is that they will fit any style of the home but won't burn, curl, split, crack or rot as traditional materials do. 

When you work with Tilcor, you'll work with an excellent product and receive installation and sales training to ensure you are ready to provide your customers with a superior result.

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