CF Shingle makes installation faster and easier


Tilcor’s new Concealed Fastening (CF) Shingle roofing systems are not only making roofs more reliable, watertight and durable than ever before, they’re also the fastest and easiest stone-coated steel panel system to install on the market.

In this blog, we explain the design behind our CF Shingle profile, the key benefits of our innovative system and why CF stone-coated steel panels are so quick and simple to install.

The design behind CF Shingle roofing systems

The design of Tilcor’s CF Shingle profiles means that they are a genuine concealed fastening roofing system. This combined with an innovative interlocking Secure Lock (SL) lap system results in a weathertight roof that can be installed direct-to-deck. Although some products might claim their fastening systems aren’t visible, they’re still exposed to the elements and subject to deterioration.

As shown in the image below, the back-fastening tab of each panel folds over itself, giving strength and a secure area to fasten the panels. The next panel then conceals the fasteners to ensure they’re protected from the weather.

The innovative, interlocking SL lap system uses S-Lock technology. Recent test results prove that the 8.9cm side lap and long back-fastening tabs ensure water tightness and can withstand the highest wind loads. 


For further features of our innovative CF Shingle profile, check out our blog.

The fastest and easiest to install on the market

Here are just a few stand-out reasons why our CF stone-coated steel panel system is a the most efficient system to install.

  • No bend accessories are prefabricated - the accessories are prefabricated without bending up or folding, making for an easier installation and a lot of time saved.

  • The CF panels are installed direct-to-deck - fixing from right to left with vertical fixing by air-gun.

  • The system is designed to be installed without bending and can be cut on the roof with a circular saw

  • The CF Shingle is only 20 panels per square, while other shingles are on average 23.8 panels per square. This approximately 19% fewer panels and nails, which means our CF Shingle is 19% faster to install if using the same screws, and even faster if using nails.

First CF Shingle installation in USA


Our CF Shingle stone coated steel panels are now available in the USA and we are proud to present our first installation of them in California, which was a great success. 

The Martins began a large remodeling project to their home in Acampo last summer, and they needed to re-roof. Originally the Martins were leaning towards our Antica range but when they learnt of the benefits and color range of the new CF Shingle they decided on installing CF Shingle Charcoal Blend.


The project was comprised of two installation methods. The new construction section had a 6.8 kg underlayment fitted, which protected the deck and the existing old asphalt shingles until the new roof was installed.


CF Starter was installed around the perimeter, followed by Sol R Skin reflective insulation, CF Barge Under Channel, Hip Under Channel and CF No Bend Valley before the panels were installed. The panels were quickly screwed down around the perimeter for high winds, with the field installed with nails, the panels were cut on the roof using battery operated saws and no pattern was followed.


The result was a fast, clean installation of a roof that the Martin’s can depend on to be weather-tight and last the distance.

To learn more about the features of our innovative CF Shingle profile, check out our blog.