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Love Your Roof Week

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Most homeowners are grateful for the roof over their heads. Yet, roofs are often one of the most neglected areas of the home. This often leads to issues that can turn into a major, expensive ordeal when ignored.

That’s why the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) is declaring Oct. 6 – 12, 2019 as “Love Your Roof” week!

The goal is to help call attention to the important role roofs play in protecting homes and encourage homeowners to give their roofs some TLC to make sure they are prepared and ready for the coming cold weather season.

So how can you keep your roof looking (and performing!) great while prevent costly problems? Check out our top tips:

1. Get A Professional Roof Inspection All Year Round

You might already know that it’s important to inspect your roof after a big storm, but did you know that you should inspect your roof every season?

Changes in temperature, ice dams and animals hibernating are just a few of the reasons to get a roof inspection when the season changes. Spotting potential roof problems early is the best way to avoid costly repairs!

2. Choose A Quality Roof Material

If you have to re-roof your home due to storm damage, or if your existing roof needs to be upgraded, choosing a low maintenance, but highly durable roof material is the way to go! As a homeowner your best option is a stone coated steel roof. Not only will it keep maintenance costs down, but it can also lower your heating and cooling costs and save you on your insurance premiums.

3. Get The Best Roof Warranty

Just like the warranty on a car or major appliance, the warranty on your roof protects you from paying out of pocket for issues with the product. Most roof warranties only cover materials for a very limited time so it’s critical you make sure your roof and home are covered with the best!

At Tilcor Roofing, our roof systems are designed to withstand the harsh weather in New Zealand which means our roofs will last even in the toughest conditions. We also offer the best warranties in the business! Click here to learn more.


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