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Energy Efficiency Starts At The Top

Fall is here! That means pumpkin spice everything, an extra hour of sleep and cooler weather. Depending on where you live, it may even mean turning up the heat to stay warm. As you’re preparing your home for the winter ahead, it’s smart to think about the energy your home will use. It can cost A LOT to heat a home and that is probably why October has been designated as Energy Awareness Month!

Making sure your home is energy efficient is more than just turning off the lights when you are not in a room. It means giving your home a “top to bottom” evaluation to ensure every aspect of your home is working efficiently. The best place to start is with your roof!

Your roof is the largest part of your home exposed to the elements and can take a beating from the sun. Without the right roofing material, the heat from the sun goes into your attic and into your home. In the winter, an inefficient roof will allow the heat from inside your home to escape through your ceiling and into your attic - causing an excessive drain on your home’s heating system. Not only does that mean wasted energy, it also means high energy bills. 

It is estimated that 25% of the heat in a home will be lost through the ceiling and attic all winter long! One way to prevent that is to use proper insulation levels to create a barrier but also properly ventilating your attic and roof system will help. 


Choosing a stone coated steel roofing system like Tilcor helps save on energy costs

Tilcor roofing products are known as “cool roofs” but don’t let that name deceive you! Stone coated steel also helps keep your home warm in the winter and means energy savings year round. 

Tilcor roofing products are designed to be elevated from the roof deck which creates a natural air flow referred to as “Above Sheathing Ventilation”. This ventilation prevents heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. In addition to proper attic insulation, this can help lower electric costs associated with heating/cooling.


Tilcor roofing products are designed to be elevated from the roof deck, creating a natural air flow unlike any other roofing product. 

This system is also very effective in the lower temperatures at night and in the winter. The airspace insulates the roof from the outside temperature. The warm air in the airspace circulates to the eaves and rakes reducing ice damming. And if you use Tilcor metal tile roofing, the back side or underside of the panels are shiny and reflective. It reflects heat from exiting the attic, back down, which helps keep the home warmer in the winter.

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