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5 Tips For Contractors Who Want To Sell More Metal Roofs

With the amount of natural disasters that have plagued the U.S. this year, stronger and more durable building materials have been top of mind for everyone - including homeowners who want to protect their biggest asset. According to one recent survey, the demand for metal roofing has doubled in the last two years making it the second most popular material for roofing projects across the board.  

Offering a speciality roof option like Tilcor is one way contractors can separate themselves from the competition and increase profit margins but getting the deal closed can be hard for salesmen who’ve never pitched or sold a metal roof before. If you are new to selling metal roofs or just want to close more roofing deals, read on to get tips from our team!


1. Build Relationships First

Knowing a customer’s pain points is probably the most important part of any sales process and just because homeowners understand they need a roof over their head doesn’t mean they automatically know what type of roof is right for them. Getting to know each homeowner and their situation first helps tremendously! Are they frustrated with having to replace their roof every 2-3 years due to hail? Are they frustrated with high insurance premiums? Are they concerned about the environment and in need of green building materials? Finding answers to these questions is a great way to determine if the homeowner is the right match for a specialty roof product like Tilcor. 


2. When Discussing Price Use The Right Equation 

Comparing the price of stone coated steel tiles to asphalt shingles is like saying apples and oranges are the same because they are a fruit. When comparing price, stone coated steel is more expensive upfront but less expensive in the long run. 

For example: Asphalt Shingles vs Stone Coated Steel

In some areas like Texas and Colorado, roofs are having to be replaced every 2-5 years due to hail and wind damage. Even if the roof makes it through severe weather unscathed, the lifespan of asphalt shingles are only 20-25 years depending on the type. 

Our stone coated steel roof panels will last twice as long and withstand almost all severe weather events including winds of 120MPH. They are also Class A fire rated and offer significant energy savings. Due to their strength and durability, most insurance carriers offer policyholder insurance premium discounts. Finally, depending on the substrate, Tilcor roofing panels can be installed over existing asphalt shingles - saving money on installation costs. 

Stone coated steel is the best choice when the proper equation is used to determine the overall cost of a roof and factoring in other benefits. 


3. Focus On The Benefits 

Our stone coated steel roofing panels are unique in that they offer several advantages over almost all other types of roofing materials including: 

  • The minimum life expectancy of a Tilcor roof is 50 years and come with a lifetime warranty
  • All of our panels are Class A fire rated, hail, wind, and rust resistant
  • Our panels are made of natural materials and the color will never fade
  • They are lightweight and flexible unlike concrete, clay or other metal roof options
  • None of our panels require the use of seal strips or heat - they can be installed all year round
  • Our panels are recyclable, energy efficient and ethically sourced 
  • Savings on home heating and cooling costs 
  • Savings on homeowners insurance premiums 


4. Have The Right Team In Place 

Having the right salespeople in place is only half the battle - you need a manufacturer that is going to support you as a contractor and ensure jobs go smoothly. This includes product and team training, estimating assistance, installation guidance and help and sales pitch help. Not getting all of that with your current manufacture? Make the switch to Tilcor and experience the difference! 


5. Sell Value

In the sales process, make sure the homeowner knows why switching to a performance product like Tilcor stone coated steel panels is worth it. Instead of repairing an old roof or replacing one with subpar materials, recommend that the homeowner invest in a higher performance roof, like Tilcor. Their return-on-investment is saving on repeated deductibles and reroofing hassles when upgrading to a reliable high-performance composite roofing product.

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