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Tilcor’s strong partnership with Classic Superoof


Tilcor’s strong partnership with Classic Superoof

As a roofing contractor, you know that there are so many roofing options on the market that the choice can be overwhelming. Customers might have different styles or colors in mind, but they all want long-lasting roofs that look great. For you to supply and install the best quality roofing, you need the support of a roofing supplier.

Tilcor makes world-class roofing systems. They're weather-proof and attractive, and unlike many other roofs, they're easy to install. This is teamed with Tilcor's superior service, which goes beyond assistance. At Tilcor, we share true partnerships with our roofing contractors.

In this blog, we highlight Keith Lyles from Classic Superoof - an example of partnership done right. With the support of Tilcor, Keith provides his customers with premium roofing time and again. Today, we're taking a look this beautifully finished re-roof in Texas.

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Case study - Texas re-roofing

Sometimes, a customer has an idea of what they want in a roof, but isn't sure what brand to pick. This was true of one Dallas couple, who had been dreaming of a red roof for years.

The couple attended the Dallas Home and Garden Show. Keith quickly learned they shared a similar background - he was a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, and they were veterans of the U.S. Air Force. 

This common connection got them chatting further and Keith discovered their desire for a red roof and was thrilled to offer them the ideal product to fulfill their wish: Tilcor's Milano. Unlike other products they'd seen, the Milano features smooth bends in the panels, not folds or crunched looking corners and edges. It was able to be installed right over the existing fiberglass composition roof.

It's so satisfying when a story has a happy ending like this one, and even better when we can be part of it - the dream red roof installed at last! It couldn't have happened without the strong partnership between Classic Superoof and Tilcor.

Tilcor’s strong partnership with Classic Superoof 2 

Classic Superoof and Tilcor

At Classic Superoof, Keith prides himself on his reputation of trust with his customers. To gain and maintain that trust, each project must be to the highest standard and customer satisfaction is key.

Knowing his high standards, it’s a powerful honor that Keith is a Tilcor supporter. From his Tilcor truck decals to his tradeshow booth to his customized two-pan sample case, Keith does us proud!

Working with Tilcor, Keith can provide his customers with premium roofs - roofs that aren't just aesthetically pleasing. They can really take the elements. Tilcor comes with a Class "A" fire rating and the strongest hail resistance available. These roofing systems can also resist incredible winds, up to 100mph.

Added to the impressive weather-proofing standards, Tilcor is easy to install, which means it's easy to learn how to install it, too. Tilcor provides technical training to install the roofing systems, but we don't abandon you there. After you've learned to install our roofs, Tilcor service continues before, during and after the first roof install.



That's why Keith Lyles and other roofing contractors enjoy working with Tilcor, and why we get to work with the best roofing contractors in the business, like him. Working with Tilcor means world-class products and service that's ongoing and dependable. It's a true partnership.


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