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Washoe Fire Captain Chris Black Selects Tilcor Shake


Washoe Fire Captain Chris Black Selects Tilcor Shake

When it comes to choosing a roofing system, there are many options on the market. For this reason, it’s hard to know which roof is best for you. It doesn’t help that most suppliers lack support around installation, which can leave you spinning your wheels trying to learn a new installation process without help.

In this blog, Tilcor USA addresses both issues showcasing a beautiful Tilcor Shake roof, installed on a new log home in Nevada. Because of the extreme climate, it’s essential that it’s a durable roof, as well as appealing to the eye. We also talk about our technical onsite training.

Learn more about the benefits of working with Tilcor stone-coated steel products in our guide.


A roof to reflect the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range

In the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in Northern CA, there’s a newly constructed log home fitted with a Tilcor Shake roof (Weathered Wood, to blend in with the natural surroundings). It was supplied by True Green Roofing Solutions and installed by Sierra Coast Roofing.

The climate poses challenges to any roof. This home sits at 6,750 feet above sea level. Nestled in a wooded area with national forest land bordering to the east, the homeowners can expect to see 5 feet of snowfall a year. In years of heavy snowfall, the area can get more than 13 feet. That means the house requires a roof that can handle extreme snow loads and has cold roof properties, to alleviate damaging free thaw and ice damming.

Washoe Fire Captain Chris Black Selects Tilcor Shake 2


Chris Black's particular roofing requirements

It’s not just the harsh climate that’s important. The homeowner is Washoe County Fire Captain Chris Black, which meant a Class A Fire rating was an essential quality for the roofing system. As an expert, he knows how important it is to make the right roofing choices, to protect your home from fire and the elements, and so your roof lasts a lifetime.

Captain Black and his wife selected Tilcor Roofing Systems, supplied by True Green Roofing Solutions and installed by Sierra Coast Roofing. Both companies are located in Reno Nevada.

For the home of our Washoe Fire Captain, a Tilcor roof meant a clean wood deck that was covered with Ice and Water shield, then a Versashield Class A fire slip sheet and 2x2 battens. The job was finished with Tilcor Craftsman Shake and manufacturer flashings and trim. Tilcor roofing systems consist of multiple layers which provide superior protection from the elements and create an insulated airspace.

The airspace sits between the roof deck and the bottom of the panels. It insulates the home from heat in summer and allows warm air to move through the vaulted ceilings in winter. The warmer air can then flow down to the eaves, where it helps to mitigate ice damming.

It’s also important to know that snow won’t suddenly release and fall, potentially harming people or outdoor furniture and decking. Tilcor roofing products slow the release of snow, so you can rest assured - as Fire Captain Chris Black does.

Onsite installation training

We can take away some of the stress and give you more options for your customers with our onsite install training. Tilcor USA provides free technical onsite installation training - the only stone-coated steel manufacturer who does so!

We start off with pre-job education, job take-offs and material estimations. Then, there’s a pre-installation meeting. One of our technical support managers goes onsite to one of your projects for the technical training, whether it’s just for you or for your whole team. With our practical guidance, your growth is maximized and disruption minimized.

You can use your usual roofing tools, which we’ll supplement with specially developed accessories that make your Tilcor roofing installation quicker and easier.


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