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First Tilcor Concealed Fastening Shingle roof installed in USA

Concealed Fastening

Tilcor concealed fastening shingle roof

Following on from the introduction of our groundbreaking Concealed Fastening (CF) Shingle and Shake roofing in the USA, we’re proud to share the story of the first ever CF Shingle project in the country. Installed on the Martin’s ranch style home in Acampo, California, our Tilcor CF Shingle was the perfect match.

In this blog we look at the Martin’s journey to having the first Tilcor CF Shingle roof installed in USA – a new roof for their home that’s more reliable, watertight and durable than ever before.

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First Tilcor CF Shingle roof in the USA

The Martin’s began a large remodeling project to their home last summer. Faced with a 15-year-old asphalt shingle roof which was worn out by high winds and the harsh Acampo summer sun they knew they needed to re-roof.

Before and after shot of the Martin's roof

When discussing options, the Martins had a few concerns that they needed to address – they didn’t want to have to go through this process again in 10 -15 years, they wanted a product that would be durable in the summer conditions, and they wanted a roof that could help keep their cooling bills to a minimum.

Before the re-roof, most of the home had vaulted ceilings that had little insulation. The vaulted ceilings made the rooms virtually uninhabitable in the summer if air conditioning wasn’t continuously running- but even then, the air conditioning struggled and the rooms were uncomfortable. They were looking to find a roof that could help with this issue, and we knew that Tilcor’s CF Shingle over Sol R Skin was the solution.


Originally the Martins were leaning towards our Antica range but when they learnt of the benefits and color range of the new CF Shingle they decided on installing the CF Shingle Charcoal Blend.

Ironstone Roofing was selected as the roofing contractor. Owner, Tim King, who was the first to install Craftsman Shake and Antica in the USA, also wanted to be the first to install CF Shingle. He bid the project aggressively to ensure he secured the project and although the Martin’s received two additional quotes, Ironstone offered the best pricing and most experience.


The project was comprised of two installation methods.

Ross Roof used two different installation methods for the Tilcor roof

The new construction section had a 15-pound underlayment fitted, which protected the deck and the existing old asphalt shingles until the new roof was installed.


CF Starter was installed around the perimeter, followed by Sol R Skin reflective insulation, CF Barge Under Channel, Hip Under Channel and CF No Bend Valley before the panels were installed. The panels were screwed down around the perimeter for high winds, with the field installed with nails, the panels were cut on the roof using battery operated saws and no pattern was followed.


The result was a fast, clean installation of a roof that the Martin’s can depend on to not only be weather-tight but to also keep them cooler in summer and last the distance.