Shake Roof for Buffalo eye dormer restaurant Hillary


Shake Roof for Buffalo eye dormer restaurant Hillary

As a homeowner, it’s important to know your options for roofing and re-roofing as there are many new technologies and materials available on the market. If your home or business has a traditional look that you want to preserve, you can likely achieve this look with superior new materials.

In this blog, we showcase a re-roofing project for a restaurant in Poland that used Tilcor Shake stone coated steel roof tiles to maintain its original look and provide a superior quality roof.


A new roof for Polish restaurant

Winters can be harsh in Poland. During one such winter, the roof of the restaurant Hillary went from looking worn to actually falling apart. 

The shingles were badly curled and many were splitting, which increased the risk of serious leaks. The owner approached experienced roofers to learn about re-roofing options, as the condition of the roof had deteriorated much more quickly than expected.

They undertook a full analysis of the existing roof. There were major issues, including poor quality wood shingle and inadequate or improper under-roof ventilation.

Other installation issues were evident, too. The Buffalo eye (a special kind of dormer with a semi-oval shape) requires a special roof framing structure so that the roof surface can transition smoothly into the oval. If it’s not done well, it can be a source of leaks.

The decision was made against re-roofing over the existing surface. The issues with curled and split shingles could cause further problems, not to mention they’d make it difficult to lay a new roof flat! Instead, the old wood shakes were removed and modern Tilcor Shake tiles were installed.

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Installing a Buffalo eye dormer

A Buffalo eye can be a true challenge for a roofer! To ensure correct execution of the dormer, an experienced roofing crew is needed, as well as carefully selected roofing materials and a waterproof understructure.

A wooden structure with the correct geometry ensures the transition between the roof surface and the Buffalo eye is smooth and requires no additional sealing elements. The simplest solution for a contractor is to order the curved wooden parts from a specialised supplier and then assemble them on site.

Next, a rigid covering is needed for the Buffalo eye surface and the roof surface it’s installed in, such as full plywood decking. This must be tightly protected by roofing underlay - the usual choice is bituminous felt. 

To avoid leaks the slope of the main roof and the slope of the eyebrow are important. The roofing panels must also be fitted and laid accurately, to be sure that water does not get under the tiles.

The eave of the Buffalo eye is finished by the factory-made bend in the tile, which requires no additional flashings as it’s made with Tilcor Shake. The most beautiful solution consists of overhanging the tiles slightly beyond the edge of the eave. This provides some protection from rain on the window and the panels under the window.

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Stone coated steel tiles 

With stone coated steel tiles, you benefit from new technologies and materials, compared to other roofing products. For example, the ZINCALUME® aluminum-zinc coating is roughly 2.5 times more resistant than ordinary zinc alloy.

Tilcor steel roofing tiles are ‘Class A’ Fire Rated, BBA approved from the UK and 12.5-degree minimum pitch, so your home or business are protected, and the Tilcor 50 year warranty is the backup you need for peace of mind.

Best of all, you can maintain the classic wooden shingle look with new, improved technologies, remaining flexible enough to create beautiful features like the Buffalo eye dormer roofs.