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Transform your home with Tilcor Stone-coated Pressed Metal Tiles

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When exploring re-roofing options, it helps to know where to start and who to trust. Durability is everything, yet you also want to be satisfied with how the roof actually looks.

A recent Tilcor re-roof project in Roseville, California demonstrates how Tilcor’s stone-coated tiles could give you the best of both worlds- being high quality and aesthetically pleasing.             

This blog will demonstrate the full impact of this Tilcor stone-coated re-roof, showing you how we transformed a worn wood shake roof with our high-quality solutions.

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Tilcor’s stone coated tiles are a roofing solution that will last a lifetime while giving your home a unique and striking look.

We’re going to look at an example of a re-roof in northern California where the owner was looking to change their old, worn out, wood shake roof. After exploring various options in the market, he ultimately fell in love with the graceful Mediterranean features of Tilcor’s Antica panel range.

This was presented to him by one of our American distributors, Factory Trained Roofing Contractor, Ironstone Roofing. The project was completed on time and the homeowner was blown away by the ease of installation. High quality workmanship was evident in the precise bending and cutting of the roofing panels.

Ironstone Roofing owner Tim King said the overall installation experience is of primary concern to his company and they approach every job as if it was their own roof.

“I believe there is always a reasonable solution for every need, whether it is roofing or any other aspect in life,” King says.

“I pour myself into every installation to ensure the satisfaction you gain from the experience is as rewarding as the one I get from walking away from another roof.”


The old Roseville roof (above) shows quite severe weather damage, the dry, curling and decomposing wood shakes lifting and fading in color.


The Roseville re-roof (above) shows the striking Mediterranean look of Tilcor’s stone-coated pressed metal panels (bottom) in comparison with the old wood shake (top). The Tilcor Antica finish offers the strength and graceful feature of the Mediterranean panel, its S-tile shape creates superior durability for a lifetime of elegance.

Key elements of our stone-coated PANELS include:

  • Panels that are Zincalume coated with stone chips
  • A roofing system that is 100 per cent made in New Zealand
  • A full range of products and color options for your design choice

Visual and functional

Tilcor’s extensive research and development in the design process ensures every Tilcor product is manufactured to the highest quality with exceptional durability and strength.

Our panel profiles and roofing accessories are engineered to interlock and overlap to resist wind lifting and keep out the elements. They’re also a lightweight system so considerable money can be saved during construction.

Tilcor’s stone-coated panel solutions have the ability to increase the value and look of your home in only a matter of days. Want to learn more? Check our extensive product range here.