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Today, there’s so much roofing variety that it’s often hard to know where to start, or which product to choose. This is particularly true when you have an important decision to make, like choosing the manufacturers who will be best suited to your particular business needs.

You’re trying to juggle time, cost, and quality in your project and you want to work with a manufacturer who will support their partners.

In this blog, we showcase the first Tilcor roof in the state of Utah and explain why Tilcor is the best choice for homeowners and roofing contractors alike.

Learn more about the benefits of working with Tilcor stone-coated steel products in our guide.

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The Roofing Center meets Tilcor

The Roofing Center is a large roofing contractor who deals in stone-coated steel. They’re currently operating in Idaho, Montana and Utah. Utah is also the site of their corporate office.

It was time for two firsts: the first time The Roofing Center used Tilcor, and the first Tilcor roof to be installed in Utah.

The homeowner had initially signed a contract for a different roofing product. After consideration of the pros and cons, the customer decided to change to Tilcor. The main advantage in this case was being able to take the barge under-channel right up to the eave. This is a more attractive look at the front of a house, and it’s also functional.

The product their customer picked was Tilcor CF Shingle with the color Oakwood.

Raising the roof in Utah

When installation day arrived, the staff of The Roofing Center were keen to get underway and experience their first Tilcor system install. As the day progressed, they were impressed by a number of factors.


The panels are strong enough to walk on, and they can be installed with either screws or nails, making installation quick and easy. The system also included accessories designed and engineered for the form, function and fit of the CF panels to make the installation faster, while being secure from the elements.

Technical onsite training

The staff of The Roofing Center were also impressed with our service, support, our knowledge of the industry, and our knowledge of competitor profiles.


As part of our service, Tilcor provides technical onsite training. The difference between Tilcor and other products was clear from the beginning. 


We had some great feedback from the team: the “Tilcor system install includes accessories designed and engineered for the form, function and fit of the CF panels to make the installation faster and easier while being secure from the elements.”

Learn more about the benefits of working with Tilcor stone-coated steel products in our guide.


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