Tilcor are a major player in the supply of pressed metal roofing tiles around the world and with the opening of their new office in South America they are marking their already established presence in the international market. With a presence already in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and North America, this new office in South America will give another valuable point of contact and support for their global network. 

From Tilcor’s accredited factory and development facilities they manufacture and distribute products to markets throughout the world. Tilcor’s global network of offices simplify logistics and allow for easy supply and installation world-wide – now you know that you can achieve a leading roofing solution you can trust no matter where you are in the world.Those in the industry know that Tilcor are the go-to global supplier of quality roofing systems. Tilcor is a member of the family-owned and operated Ross Group of Companies, which has been manufacturing and installing roofing products for over 70 years. Tilcor has been installed in over eighty countries and has been proven in some of the most extreme weather conditions, gaining the status of a world leader in roofing.

Having distributors worldwide also means that you have local knowledge and support for Tilcor’s product, with experts to provide you with local roofing expertise during the roofing process. This local support and knowledge of the conditions is invaluable when you are undertaking such important and integral work to your building, such as the roof.

Every tile Tilcor creates carries the official seal of approval of the International Standards Organisation and Tilcor caters for all types of construction, from residential to light-commercial and public works. Tilcor’s products are lightweight, versatile and easy to install, and customers stand by metal roof tiles because they know they are the best.

Tilcor’s mission is “to provide home owners around the world with high performance roofing systems using the very best New Zealand materials and doing business as a family.” This is demonstrated by their proven ability to create trustworthy relationships by exceeding customer expectations in service and supply. By having a global network of offices they can continue to build customer relationships and pass-on knowledge from the local warehouse and office support to achieve the very best result.

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