New Interactive Guide: Why metal panels are the roofing system of the future

February 09, 2018 Metal Roofing


If you're on the hunt for roofing products, it can be tricky to find something that's as equally striking as it is high quality and durable. The good news is New Zealand roofs are about to experience a major evolution - technological advancements are presenting a shift in how roofing materials are being produced and installed. With their lightweight, durable and fire resistant qualities, metal panels are on the rise and taking roofing technology into the future.

In this blog, we give you an overview of our new interactive guide, "Roofing Evolution: Why metal panels are the roofing system of the future", and how it will help you understand the true benefits of metal panels for your next architectural project.

Interested in being at the forefront of roofing technology? Check out our new interactive guide here.

Metal roofing technology has changed dramatically since the days of decramastic tiles. These galvanised scallop-shaped metal tiles coated with stone chips are now outdated and no longer live up to the value expectations of designers and homeowners (despite once being innovative).

Now, we have stone-coated metal panels that work to make roofs that are:

  • 100% watertight
  • Well ventilated
  • Sustainable and energy efficient
  • Faster and more cost effective to install
  • Providing longer lifetime value for homeowners

As a highly durable roofing material, metal panels will not only last a lifetime, but it will also give homeowners a unique and striking look that's sure to stand out.

New interactive guide for architects

Our new interactive guide is a visual experience which will show you how metal panels bring the best of both worlds in form and function. Our steel panels offer a range of different looks from a more traditional aesthetic to low profile slate and shake products.

Our new guide for architects covers:

  • How metal roofing technology has evolved and innovated since the days of decramastic tiles
  • The many benefits of metal roofing
  • Dispelling common metal roofing myths
  • Our new innovation, the concealed fastening roofing system
  • And more.

With stunning benefits to both homeowners and designers, metal panels are set to revolutionise the future of roofing. Learn more in our interactive guide.



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