Changing it up this winter with Metrotile

They say there’s no better place than Wellington on a good day, but it seems that Wellington homeowners are choosing roof colours to match the gloom. There’s now an over-abundance of grey,...

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Colour trends, design aesthetics and Metrotile roofs

For an architect who’s passionate about their work, and works hard to create stunning aesthetics, it’s dispiriting to have clients reject designs. Not to mention, it's also time-consuming to go...

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Metal roofs are trending in New Zealand

In New Zealand, we love innovative, fresh ideas. That’s why metal roofs are so popular. They’re a more sustainable option, a more energy efficient option, that allows homeowners to breathe style...

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An advanced new arrival for Ross Roof Group

May 18, 2017 Ross Roof Group

It’s exciting times at Ross Roof Group, with the arrival of our two brand new 350 tonne presses. These state of the art press machines will dramatically increase our capacity to service our...

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