Which Metrotile ventilation system is right for your next project?

March 14, 2018 roof space ventilation

Increased demand for high performance buildings with strategic airflow have made efficient ventilation in home design more important than ever before. Effective ventilation creates harmony in a...

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Top 4 benefits of Metrotile vents

Are you looking for a better ventilation solution? Airflow is essential for a healthy home, but you also need a system that will work with your designs, without sacrificing functionality or...

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New eBook: Why Metrotile ventilation solutions?

February 21, 2018 roof space ventilation

Effective ventilation, it's a very topical and important subject when it comes to New Zealand homes, and it's the focus of our latest eBook.

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Improve your home’s health with Roof Space Ventilation

In New Zealand it’s now becoming recognised that air-tight construction methods don’t allow for the release of the natural moisture created in our homes. This is why roof space ventilation is...

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