Re-roofing – easier than you might think

February 09, 2017 re-roofing

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Getting a new roof on your home is so much easier than you first might think.

Roof installation is often quick and simple - the result will dramatically change your home for the better and the process can conveniently have very little impact on your day-to-day life.

The key to a warm, dry and comfortable house is a strong reliable roof – it protects your home and everything that lives underneath it. So, when you’re going ahead with such an important project, make it a stress free one by doing your research and choosing the right roofing partner. 

To find out how easy a re-roof can be, check out our interactive tool “Re-roofing made simple” where we clear-up common misconceptions and questions about the process.

SOme things to consider

Below are three examples of things you’ll want to research before your re-roof project. 

1) What type of roof should I choose?

It’s a good idea to figure out what style of roof you have so you know the material that’s best suited to your house and the surrounding conditions. Talk to a roofing expert about your roof – both your current roof and the one you want. 

2) What’s it all going to cost?

Getting a transparent quote is the key – so there are no hidden costs. This way it will be easy to weigh the long-term benefits of a new roof, quality workmanship and materials against the price. 

3) Is my re-roof weather dependant?

It’s a good idea to choose a time of year that’s usually dry and calm in your area. With a run of good weather your new roof will be sorted quickly – usually between 3-5 days.

Further Considerations when re-roofing

The above considerations are only the beginning. When going into your re-roof there are a number of things to consider and questions to ask. How do you tell if your house needs a re-roof? If it does, where do you start? What type of roofing do you need and which roof installer do you use? Get clarity on these and you’ll be well on your way to a stress-free re-roof. 

Our interactive tool will answer these questions and give you guidance on what to consider when re-roofing. 

It covers:

  • How to tell whether to replace your roof
  • Timing of your re-roof project
  • The best roof style for your home
  • Finding the right roof installer
  • Guarantees and how to decipher cost-estimates
  • Project duration
  • How to prepare for a re-roof 

To learn more check out our interactive tool “Re-roofing made simple” and find how easy the process can be.

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