Improve your home’s health with Roof Space Ventilation


In New Zealand it’s now becoming recognised that air-tight construction methods don’t allow for the release of the natural moisture created in our homes. This is why roof space ventilation is becoming increasingly crucial.

But what exactly is roof space ventilation, and what does it mean for your home? This blog will look at the importance of roof space ventilation in New Zealand and the difference between in-house and roof space ventilation.  

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Ventilation is a vital element of any home whether it be within roof spaces or in-house.

While Modern homes are becoming more insulated and air-tight, cold and humid weather conditions like that found in New Zealand can see owners experience water dripping from their exhaust cookers, or other outlet vents (such as that in bathroom or laundry). These conditions can create moisture problems that cause damage and health issues from mould and dampness.

Roof space ventilation vs. in-house ventilation

In-house ventilation in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry are common in our homes, but many are unaware of the role of roof space ventilation. This is something that is especially important in New Zealand’s damp climate and it’s fast becoming recognised that air-tight construction methods are allowing less of the natural moisture created in our homes to be released. This moisture laden air often ends up in the roof space where it then condenses on the roof. This is why roof space ventilation is becoming increasingly key to the health of your home.


WHY choose Metrotile Roof Space ventilation?

The Metrotile LV75 roof space ventilation system is designed to provide an integrated outlet for the passive release of moisture laden air from the roof space. When used in conjunction with venting at the eaves, it creates a simple in and out airflow pattern to adequately ventilate the roof space.

In many parts of Europe where the climate is similar to that of New Zealand, this kind of venting is mandatory for the removal of moisture created within the home (from cooking, bathrooms, heating etc). While it’s not yet compulsory in New Zealand we believe it’s vital to the health of our homes.

Like our other ventilation systems, our LV75 roof space vent is installed as a one-piece moulded vent tile. This means there is:

  • No penetration cut into the roof (no more white pipes through your beautiful new roof)
  • No need for tradesmen to get up on the roof after the roofer has completed the install. It requires no further flashing and is installed by a qualified roofer who is trained to install the weathertight roofing system.
  • It’s one piece moulded design also means it doesn't rely on silicone to remain weathertight for the lifetime of your roof.

On top of all this, our ventilation system is aesthetically pleasing as it blends into the rest of your Metrotile roof.

As a property owner, you undoubtedly want the comfort of knowing your home is durable and weathertight. Roof space ventilation is a vital step towards this and will ensure your family stays healthy through the damp and wet New Zealand winters.

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