How to spot a leaky roof

September 12, 2018 Metrotile

leaky roof

It’s pretty miserable to live in a cold, drafty home - nobody wants to chase the leaks around with a bucket. With a watertight roof and warm, safe home, you know the health of your family is looked after.

Not to mention, a roof that’s new and well-maintained is also much more attractive to buyers than a roof covered patches. If the roof needs repair, it’s a point they can bargain you down on.

In this blog, we’re talking about the warning signs that your roof is leaky and needs repair or replacement.


1. Damp home 

It’s not always obvious that you’ve got a leaky roof, especially if you’ve got an older home. The next time it rains, take a look inside the ceiling cavity, and inspect for leaks or damage to wood, insulation or building paper. 

If anything is wet, rotting, or rusting, you’ve potentially got a leaky roof. Causes could range from a single broken tile to an area of seal that’s no longer watertight.

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2. Musty odor 

Sometimes it’s easiest to tell damp by the smell. It’s a musty odor that suggests a room hasn’t been aired enough. Maybe you can never completely air out the smell, or it quickly returns - that's a warning sign of damp and mildew. 

Often it’s a sign of poor ventilation, which means water just sits in the house and roof without drying out and passing through. That’s when damage sets in. It’s also very common in humid climates, like New Zealand.


3. Mold 

Mold grows where it’s damp, so it’s a warning sign of a leaky roof. It can grow inside homes or on external surfaces, including under the eaves. It’s not a good idea to ignore it, because it’s a sign of other problems. Mold tends to extend further than is visible and it can cause health problems. 

You might also notice algae, moss and lichen on your roof - more signs of persistent moisture. A small amount can be sprayed, but larger amounts can permanently damage the watertightness of your roof.


4. Water stains 

When we see marks or water stains on ceilings or walls, most of us look for something to conceal it with, like a fresh coat of paint. But that won’t help, as it’s actually one of the final warning signs of a big leak. The stains will come back and the damage will extend further.


5. Warped shape

If you can see a bow or sag in the roof or ceiling, that’s a sign of structural damage. The shape of your roof should be all straight lines.

Generally sagging is caused by water getting in and rotting the roof timber. It can forewarn of a major collapse - not something your family wants to experience.

In this blog, we’ve talked about a number of warning signs that you might have a leaky or damaged roof. It’s always safer to address the issue instead of leaving it until it’s unavoidable, so if you think you might have a leaky roof and want to know more about your options, click here.

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