How pressed metal panels can save you half a day

October 25, 2018 Metrotile


Balancing scheduling new projects and the cost of roofing installation is a tough job for contractors. You should never have to sacrifice quality of the job for the cost of roofing suppliers, but the constant pressure and tight margins aren't going to go away. 

You need a serious time saver, and you need a roofing solution that’s easier to install. You can find this with Metrotile’s integrated ventilation system and pressed metal roofing panels.

In this blog, you'll find the time-saving details that come with pressed metal panels.

Ventilation in homes is under the spotlight these days, and understandably so. Download our guide to Metrotile venting solutions.

Save time

Metrotile’s integrated ventilation system saves you time in several important ways. 

1. Easy to install: Metrotile panels are quicker and easier to install than other roofing materials, such as individual tiles. We use a top-down process on a battened roof. This saves you a great deal of time and effort on installation, meaning you can do more jobs in a year with the same size workforce.

2. Unique vent system: You don’t need to cut into the roof to install vents. Other vents on the market require you to do this, but that’s not the case with Metrotile. There’s no need for penetrations to be cut because Metrotile vents are integrated into the roofing system. This makes you and the homeowner happy! 

3. Weather-proofed: You’re not weather-dependent. Stone-coated steel panels can be installed in any weather because they’re not reliant on a seal strip to bond panels together (as asphalt shingles are). But it’s not just about the moment of installation. You also need a solution that offers homeowners watertight roofing in the long term. 


Most homeowners don’t know that concrete and asphalt roofing systems rely on the underlay to keep water from soaking through - they’re not watertight. The underlay breaks down over time as it’s exposed to water, leaving the house is at risk. Metrotile’s installation system ensures that our roofs are extremely weathertight with a cleverly designed watershedding system. Homeowners want a weathertight roof, and Metrotile delivers at every level.

Less labour and less risk 

A Metrotile installation is also quicker and safer because fewer trips are needed up and down a ladder. Panels are cut and bent on the ground and they’re bigger than tiles, making for fewer loads. The panels are lightweight, too, and of innovative design. We’ve already mentioned the top-down batten installation - it also makes roofing on a high pitch faster and safer.

The pressed metal panels are installed simply: cut, nail or screw, and interlock. All fastening elements are protected from the weather. You can offer homeowners the world’s first fully concealed fastening system!

Each nail or screw is locked under the next panel, each panel wrapping around the next. No gaps, no exposed screws, and the profiles are direct-to-deck. This means that less labour is needed overall, and less experienced hands can do the work. 

Roofs are more durable, watertight and reliable. In fact, recent tests show that our panels can withstand the highest wind loads with fewer fasteners than other products require. It's also far more aesthetically pleasing than mismatched vents and holes in the roof.

From the homeowners point of view, it means that the roof will last longer without taking damage from the weather, as the risk of water penetration is greatly reduced with integrated vents. 

As you’ve seen, a Metrotile solution can save you time and labour. That’s how it also reduces risk and cost, contributing to a more profitable outcome for roofing contractors. 

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