How metal panels can help grow your roofing business

November 01, 2018 Metrotile


As a roofing contractor, you’re used to tight margins and balancing acts with time, cost and quality on the line. You’re probably experiencing the shortage of skilled labour too, and scheduling anything is a nightmare.

If you need support in order to develop and grow your roofing business, read on. This blog details how Metrotile can help you.


Customer service 

Metrotile products are among the best on the market. Unsurprisingly, that’s a key selling point for our roofing systems! Customers want world-class products and service, and we supply them.

We provide sales training to help you to engage with your customers during the in-home sales process. With us, you’ll learn about our product and installation method, and you’ll quickly understand the ways that our roofing system is superior to others on the market.


Points of difference

The product and the installation process are points of difference that separate us from our competitors. We use a panel design combined with a top-down process on a battened roof for faster, easier installation.

The panel design has many benefits. Panels can be installed more quickly than tiles, with fewer trips up and down the ladder. This improves your safety and causes the work to be completed more quickly with the same labour force. And, because panels are cut, nailed or screwed, and then interlocked, less skilled labour is needed to do the installation. 

Remember too that metal panel roofs are lightweight roofing systems. Less framing is needed for the roof and the scaffolding can come down sooner. This is another safety improvement, and it saves you and your customer time and money.

Of course, it’s not just during installation that a Metrotile roof shines. Our roofs are reliable, watertight and durable due to the unique interlocking panels, the fasteners are protected, wrapped inside the panels. Each panel conceals the fasteners of the previous panel, so none are exposed to the elements. Our concealed fastening system is unique to Metrotile, and it continues to attract the attention of roofing professionals worldwide.


A partnership with Metrotile provides support and training 

Beyond our sales training, we also provide initial job site installation training, whether it’s just for you or for your whole team. Don’t worry - we don’t ask you to train alongside your competitors! Instead, we train you on your first Metrotile job. We’re the only stone-coated steel roofing manufacturer that conducts onsite training. 

Here's how it works. First, there’s pre-job education, job take-offs and material estimations. Then we hold a pre-installation meeting, followed by the job site installation training. That’s run by a technical support manager. It’s not staged, so you don’t lose work time and you get real world experience. 

As an experienced roofing contractor, you’ll have your own roofing tools. These will continue to be of use, and will be supplemented by specially engineered accessories, to help your Metrotile roofing installations go quickly and efficiently.

Finally, there’s post-job support, backed up by year round on-call support.

If a partnership with Metrotile sounds good to you, or you’d just like to know more, click here to get in touch.


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